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A Parsonage Project TV Series

Analisa Jeneveve Harrington is always the best at everything.

Straight A's in school. Gold medals in Cross Country. Valedictorian. From Top 10 at Spelman College to Editor of the Harvard Law Review, she became an associate at Deckard, Shaw and Stein, the largest and most prestigious law firm in Baltimore. But AJ, as she prefers to be called, was always less concerned with achieving than she was with helping. However, the higher she flew professionally, the further she traveled away from the marginalized people she wanted to help, and those who really needed her. HUSHED is the story of what happens when one opts off the rocket ship to the stars and lands back on earth, within the real world of the underprivileged. AJ leaves her A-List career to head up a community center, disappointing her family and mentors. She is deposited into a world of strife, injustice and the murky swamp of politics that has destroyed lesser visitors. Will she help make that corner of the world a better place, or be laid low by it?

HUSHED is a nighttime soap with an underlying message about mental health in the black community. It buries the medicine inside an engaging drama -- with more than a few comedic moments -- to counter the culture of shame regarding mental health and the dearth of services available to marginalized people.

HUSHED - A Parsonage Project TV Series
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