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A Parsonage Project Feature Film and Docu-Series

David Livingstone was a colonizer and abolitionist -- a contradiction of sorts -- whose life and work is controversial among historians. It is believed that later in his life, he recanted his colonialist mission, and articulated that dramatic shift in his letters and diaries. That's where the legend begins. Passed down over the last 100 plus years, the story is that of two of Livingstone's apprentices, young African boys who took on the mission of transporting his body, embalmed with his diaries sewed inside, across Africa to a ship departing for England. They did so in the hope that the Queen would be moved by his new found outlook and be inspired to end the nation's cruel colonization of Africa. This legend is examined by historians and activists, all driving toward the outcome that resulted in the continuation of colonization.

LETTER TO THE QUEEN is where the past meets the present, which will allow people to view the marginalization of ethnic communities through the lens of history. If we're going to end systemic racism and address the societal forces that choke off opportunity and force poverty and hunger on working families, we have to end the prejudice that fuels the engine of marginalization. LETTER TO THE QUEEN will deliver a fresh view of history and a renewed focus on just how far we have to go.

LETTER TO THE QUEEN - A Parsonage Project Feature Film and Docu-Series
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