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Parsonage Productions

In 2000, a movie was released that told the story of one woman who took on major corporations on behalf of her town that was becoming more and more sick. Within a few weeks of the release of Erin Brockovich, government agencies had taken action against the corporate polluters.

The Erin Brockovich Effect is the impact media and film have to draw attention to important issues that result in change. PARSONAGE PRODUCTIONS will utilize film to draw attention to social challenges that directly impact our clergy, issuing a call to action for leaders, government officials, and other stakeholders to initiate change.

Proceeds will be returned to THE PARSONAGE PROJECT to support programs, the campus, and to provide direct financial support to promising and best practice ministries throughout the country.

Our Unique Approach

We embed every element of the modern media to not only increase funding, but also to generate revenue that has the potential to multiply our funding by up to 10 times -- or possibly more.

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Our campaign is to address the loss of faith Americans have not in their religions, but in their religious leaders. Bad actors have made their impact on communities and the media in ways that have skewed the general public's view of the clergy. What's worse is that the people who have spent decades earning the trust of their communities through outreach and service are the ones paying that price. Our aim is to focus the lens on those who prop up our marginalized communities. They need our help the most.

Wait A Minute -
A Film Studio?

While the idea of a nonprofit film studio may seem odd, the truth is there are hundreds of primarily cause-based and faith-based nonprofit film companies already on the books. Even San Diego's famed Comic Con International, where many films are marketed, is a nonprofit.


By utilizing this unique structure, we are able to treat our donors like investors. Elite donors will be awarded "Executive Producer" status on our productions, which entitles them to a share of the film's revenue. As a result, they are able to take both a tax deduction for their donation, as well as recoup some, all, or even multiples of their donation if the project generates strong revenue.

Moreover, it will allow THE PARSONAGE PROJECT to generate funding that can double or even triple the amount of funding received through donations, while simultaneously creating awareness of the problems we are trying to solve. This will motivate other donors and stakeholders to act.

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The Erin Brockovich Effect

Why Our Plan Will Work

Shortly after the film Erin Brockovich was released, Sedina Banks, a JD graduate of the University of California, Davis School of Law, wrote a landmark paper called The Erin Brockovich Effect. It revealed that newspaper reporters in New Jersey had been writing about the dangerous levels of Chrmium 6 in the groundwater for years before the film came out. Their efforts, while laudable, did nothing to move the needle on environmental policy.


After the film was released, however, changes took place rapidly. The EPA began handing down record fines to polluters, Congress passed whistleblower laws and lawsuits by the dozens were filed against corporations.


Movies and TV shows move the needle. The crisis we are attempting to avoid is already in progress, so we want to harness that power to create change, as well as add sales revenue to our donor revenue to help us take a bigger bite out of the problem.

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