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Film Set

A Parsonage Project Feature Film and Docu-Series

Jean Claude Meus left Haiti on purpose, became a legal US resident by design, went to prison by accident and is now facing deportation on a technicality.


The story of his journey through the heart of America is an examination of the core issues that are dividing the nation -- corrupt law enforcement, racial inequality, immigration, the dual justice system -- and the power of investigative reporting. His story is the story of America at its worst, told through the journey of a man who is among our best.


Jean Claude is the picture of strength, dignity and character in the face of adversity. He is a man who could not be bowed, could not be provoked and who remains unbroken. Despite the powerful forces that have robbed him of his freedoms, Jean Claude has persevered. He has never known homelessness or poverty, but he has suffered nonetheless. That said, you'd never know it from the smile that rarely leaves his face. 


This is not only a story about America, but also a story about the kind of people all Americans aspire to be -- kind, compassionate, loving, productive and free.

MEUS - A Parsonage Project Feature Film and Docu-Series
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