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Film Set

A Parsonage Productions Documentary

For hundreds of years, organized religions of all faiths have become the fabric of a vast social safety net that has helped elevate the poor, the ill, and the marginalized.

That safety net is crumbling, dissolving into the ether. Once it's gone, what happens when there are no more shelters for the homeless, or food pantries, or soup kitchens? What happens when the poor have no place of last resort?

No one wants to find out. This is why PARSONAGE PRODUCTIONS is shining a light on the looming crisis with a documentary that will serve to counter the false media narrative about the clergy while demonstrating their good works. It will help THE PARSONAGE PROJECT raise funds to shore up that safety net while we simultaneously create a groundswell of public pressure to force governmental and corporate stakeholders to act.

Directed and produced by recent Emmy Award-winner Harold Cronk -- the landmark director behind "God's Not Dead" -- "Rescue Us" is structured as a series of day-in-the-life stories about the clergy on the front lines of this battle. It will serve as the first milepost in the ground along THE PARSONAGE PROJECT's journey to make significant change. Instead of nibbling around the edges, we are taking a big bite out of these problems.

RESCUE US - A Parsonage Project Documentary
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