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A Parsonage Project Documentary

Marijuana is classified as a controlled substance, and illegal on the federal level, because of its status as a Schedule 1 drug, making it illegal. The irony is that under the DEA’s own guidelines, the only difference between an illegal Schedule 1 and a legal Schedule 2 drug is that Schedule 1 drugs are substances that have no medical benefits.


How can a drug that is legal for use only for medical purposes in 37 states have no medical value? Yet, there it sits, creating all kinds of problems for veterans who need it to treat their PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injuries. The VA refuses to prescribe cannabis, so veterans have to pay out of pocket for the doctor’s appointment to get the prescription, the state Cannabis card to be able to buy legally from dispensaries, and for the medicine itself. The bottom line is that it’s time for federal policy, employers, and state lawmakers to get on the same page with regard to cannabis, which has become a critical element for the survival of American veterans whose lives have been transformed by the relief marijuana has granted them from their mental and physical health issues. So, we’ll tell their stories to prompt the proper parties to act. And act now.

SCHEDULE 1 - A Parsonage Project Documentary
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