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Finding Home.

The Parsonage Project was founded to help clergy and other ministers avoid burn out and maximize their leadership in their communities and congregations. So, when Elder Nathanial Walker called, we were inspired to jump in with both feet.

Walker is the ED for ELOHIM - Eternal Light of Hope in Mankind - a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to serving veterans and their families in transition from military service, providing housing to the homeless, and a hand up to persons who truly desire to better themselves who are willing to work hard to get there. ELOHIM's tremendous success in NY led the City of Philadelphia to reach out to help the homeless souls in the city. Recognizing the need, Walker responded immediately, sourcing housing to accommodate 200 hundred souls. The exponential growth of his organization in a state different from his own triggered an urgent need for extra hands. The Parsonage Project was honored to be asked to be a part of the work.

Our partnership has expanded our own work to solve homelessness starting in PA and also NJ. But the best part? Because of our combined efforts, we are exploring an opportunity to build a biophilic veterans' community in upstate NY. Plans also include tackling homelessness in the rest of the Mid-Atlantic states and in the NE in 2024.

To support the efforts of The Parsonage Project, please visit our donation page,

or to become a changemaker that leads others to become changemakers too, visit Legacy & Lifetime Giving.

We thank you for contributing to the betterment of our work !

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