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Rock Balancing
Ministry Consulting

When the people's need is urgent and you don't have the time or capacity to develop the ministry to serve them, we can help.

Ministry In Crisis

Sometimes, bad things happen. Violence came to your House of Worship doors. A flood destroys your sanctuary. Someone who led a ministry hurt members of your congregation.


You need a specialized ministry to guide your congregants through trauma, lament, and healing. We can help. 

Ministry Design

Launching a new ministry and not sure where to start? We can help.


With over 20 years of ministry experience and an abundance of experts, we can turn your ministry vision into reality, serving others in no time.

Ministry Conflict Resolution

Every congregation has conflict. But some are simply toxic. Need an ally to help navigate the waters? Let us help.


We have professionals certified in Conflict Management and Resolution and mediators who can coach you all the way to peace.

Ministry Launch

You've built your ministry and it's ready to go. But rollout can be a challenge, especially when you need operational support or media assistance.

We have the team to help you launch your new ministry, big and small.

Ministry Refresh

Is your ministry stale? Not sure if you should continue? Sometimes it is best to let things go. But sometimes all you need is a spruce up. 

Let us help you evaluate your ministry and, if you deem it worthy of continuation, help breathe in new life. 

Ministry Tech

All this new technology can be overwhelming, especially with the infiltration of AI onto our desktops and phones. Tech isn't helpful to any congregation unless it has a purpose. Let us help you evaluate your needs and develop a tech plan that's right for your House of Worship or Faith Based Community.

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