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Beauty in Nature
  • How does this help the clergy?
    THE PARSONAGE PROJECT recognizes that 42% of protestant ministers alone, gave serious consideration to quitting in 2022. When people are exhausted or in trouble, clergy provide them a safe space. But when clergy are exhausted, they've nowhere to go. With the help of our partners, part of our funding supports our efforts to provide that safe space for clergy of all faith traditions to rest, build resilience, and to consider next steps in their careers. These next steps impact their future, families, religious institutions, and wider communities. Further, we extend to them direct support, and we offer them learning resources on real-life issues that clergy face, to better equip them in service to their houses of worship and communities. Last, we continue to spotlight issues that impact our clergy through PARSONAGE PRODUCTIONS using religious and secular media. With your help, we can reach more people, lift up more communities, and help to alleviate suffering.
  • Where does all the film money go?
    This is the good part. All the money made by any given film or TV project goes back into our charity, with one key exception. Donors whose offering reaches the threshold of funding 25 percent or more of any of the projects on our slate will be granted Executive Producer status. This entitles them to a percentage of the film's revenue. If the project makes money, their cut could equal or exceed their donation level. No one inside of the nonprofit PARSONAGE PROJECT will be getting rich off of these projects, but our donors could get a tax break AND a net gain. As we collect revenues from our film and TV projects, our goal is to take those revenues and inject them into the communities and missions that need those funds the most. Our money won't be sitting in the bank. We want to turn it right around and put it to work.
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