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Natural Minerals

Allied Against Hate for Faith Communities


The Parsonage Project works with its partners, and in cooperation with the Center for Prevention Partnerships (Department of Homeland Security), the Community Relations Service (DOJ), and the McCain Foundation, to develop resources for clergy to build personal and professional resilience, protect their communities, and engage in community diplomacy. Contact us to learn more. 

THE PARSONAGE PROJECT is making every effort to include resources that accommodate every and all faiths. The resources we have readily available are Christian-based, marked with +. Resources from other faith traditions are very welcome to be submitted for consideration, CONTACT US.

Trauma & grief tools to guide your faith community to wellness.

Community Building

Tools for clergy to help their faith communities cross religious and cultural barriers.

Congregational Leadership Tools

Tools to help your faith community embrace wholeness.

Tools for your faith community to be hospitable and welcoming to friend and stranger alike.

Tools for clergy to extend support to their faith communities.

Tools and resources available to secure your campus while allowing it to remain open and hospitable.

Tools for your faith community to utilize for addressing race, bigotry, and other social evils.

Power of Forgiveness. No matter what religion, there's a resource for this.

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