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Fall Foliage
Legacy & Lifetime Giving

Becoming a changemaker & leading
others to become changemakers too

Non-Cash Gifts that Make a Difference

Countryside Cottage

Real Estate

Donating real estate sounds complicated but it’s relatively simple if your property does not carry a mortgage and has appreciated in value. You can deduct the fair market value of your gift and eliminate all capital gains taxes. Plus, you have removed the asset from your taxable estate. Real estate may also be used to fund a charitable remainder trust or a charitable gift annuity. Our Vice President of Development is delighted to speak with you regarding real estate donations and effective strategies.

EMAIL US and we will work with you to set it up.

Crater Lake

Retained Life Estate Trust

You can transfer the deed of your personal residence or farm to THE PARSONAGE PROJECT now, and maintain the rights to live and use the property for your lifetime. You will receive a current charitable deduction in an amount based on your age and the value of the property.

EMAIL US and we will work with you to set it up.

Rocks on Coast

Charitable Remainder Trust, Charitable Gift Annuity, Charity Lead Trust

CRTs, CGAs, and CRTs are a powerful planning tools that can prove to be a tax-efficient way for changemakers to fulfill goals of both charitable giving and family wealth transfer. For example, a CLT is a charitable split-interest trust  where the lead income interest is paid to a charitable organization, and the remainder interest is transferred to a beneficiary such as your family. Your family and beloved organizations enjoy the benefits of these strategies that ensure they flourish for years to come.

EMAIL US and we will work with you to set it up.

Legacy Giving and Lifetime Gifts

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

Life Insurance Proceeds

You can make a gift of a new or existing policy. This results in a current income tax deduction by designating THE PARSONAGE PROJECT as beneficiary. This simple process to make THE PARSONAGE PROJECT the owner of a policy, or to change the policy’s beneficiary designation, takes very little effort but can make a huge difference.

EMAIL US and we will work with you to set it up.

Fall Foliage

Securities, Savings Bonds, and Monetary Instruments

Significant tax advantages may be available to you when donating stocks and other securities that have appreciated in value. THE PARSONAGE PROJECT urges you to contact a tax or financial planning professional to determine your exact benefit as it will vary based on your financial position. We are grateful for your gift of stocks, securities, and other monetary investments. 

EMAIL US and we will work with you to set it up.

Tree Texture

Bank or Brokerage Accounts

It is easy to include THE PARSONAGE PROJECT as a/the beneficiary by initiating “Pay on Death” or “Transfer on Death” instructions. Your banker or broker will inform you of the procedures to complete your arrangement.  

EMAIL US and we will work with you to set it up.

Balancing Rocks

IRAs, 401(k)s, and Other Retirement Funds

Simply designating THE PARSONAGE PROJECT as the beneficiary of an Individual Retirement Account, 401(k), or other retirement asset is an easy way to make a difference in the lives of clergy and those whom they serve. Retirement funds are some of the most heavily taxed of any estate asset and are often the best asset to give to charity. Ask your financial advisor/money manager for a beneficiary designation form to direct all or a percentage of what remains after your lifetime.

EMAIL US and we will work with you to set it up.

Spring Mountain

Qualified Charitable Distributions or QCDs

Donors with large IRA balances may want to consider a Qualified Charitable Distribution to reduce their current income taxes, income taxes that beneficiaries will pay, and estate taxes. If you are age 70 ½ or older, a direct transfer from your IRA to a charity is excluded from your taxable income. Transfers up to $10,000 per year are allowed and it can include your Required Minimum Distribution, further reducing your taxable income. It is important that the money be given as a direct transfer from your IRA custodian to THE PARSONAGE PROJECT.

EMAIL US and we will work with you to set it up.

Dry Woods

Your Will or Living Trust

A specific dollar bequest through your will or living trust is the most frequently completed planned gift. You have the joy of planning your bequest now, but you do not actually make your gift until after your lifetime. You may leave real property or a specific dollar amount from your estate to THE PARSONAGE PROJECT, ensuring a lasting impact on serving clergy and those whom they help.

EMAIL US and we will work with you to set it up.

Curvy Tree Road

Percentage of an Identified Asset Value

Instead of a specific dollar amount, some donors choose to leave a percentage of their estate. A similar process to designating a dollar value, donating a percentage of your estate allows for fluctuation in estate value and does not disadvantage any of the beneficiaries of estate giving.

EMAIL US and we will work with you to set it up.

Deer Looking Back

Memorial Gifts

If you wish to honor the memory of a family member, friend, colleague, or religious leader by making a contribution to THE PARSONAGE PROJECT, please write us and include the name of the individual you are honoring. Please state the designation of the gift if you wish. We will contact the family to let them know a donation has been made.

EMAIL US and we will work with you to set it up.

Bridge over Waterfall

Naming Opportunity

A naming opportunity does not reflect the full cost of a project or space. However, naming gifts given to memorialize a friend, family, colleague, or clergy help us offset the capital costs of the property purchase. This frees funds to go to ministers and their ministries, impacting the lives of people exponentially. Contact us to discuss your opportunity to name a special space at Traveler's Rest in Martha Vineyard.

EMAIL US and we will work with you to set it up.

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