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Transformational Leadership

THE PARSONAGE PROJECT cordially invites clergy and other ministers to come together in an ongoing small group that will increase the effectiveness of their ministries and enhance the lives of participants in their leadership development, whole-life wellness, and mutual connectedness among peers.

The Transformational Leadership Small Groups seek high-performing clergy leaders who:

  • are fully engaged in the process, bringing issues & participates collectively in their own vulnerability

  • seek first to understand than to be understood

  • are prepared for meetings & 1-to-1 sessions, having completed the work in advance

  • are courageous in their feedback, speaking truth to their colleagues lovingly & with respect

  • maintain a sense of humor

  • are able to challenge others to excel

  • shares best practices with the group

  • shares their own personal expertise

  • are empathetic, positive, & encouraging with fellow group members

  • attends meetings regularly … no coming late or leaving early.

  • connects with other members outside of the group gatherings

  • are hospitable & engaging with new membership

  • are responsible for creating their own value from the group – they join the gym AND lift weights!

  • wants to grow & help others grow… has a plan to get there & shares it with the group

What You Get:

Each month, members meet for one day and engage in member led topics. Eight sessions welcome speakers who target topics important to the group. Four sessions are executive sessions where members work together toward the other’s success, hold each other accountable, and encourage one another along their ministry walk.


Additionally, each member sits with their facilitator monthly for a private 1-on-1 to focus their planning, identify issues for which the group may be able to offer value and work on personal and professional development.


Leadership development areas may include but are not limited to:

    planning; management; facilities & real estate management, planning; legal issues; security; transportation management; critical incident preparation & planning for resiliency, & more!

    creating & implementing multi year plans; transforming members to faithful stewards; responsible & faithful financial management; campaign planning; legacy & lifetime giving; planning for the unexpected, & more!

    developing benchmarks for ministries; developing your house of worship’s leadership team/boards; evaluating ministry effectiveness; developing communications plans for congregation & staff; transforming creativity & innovation to actionable steps; crisis management planning; ethics; work-family balance; applying best practices from other ministries; engaging with communities; engaging with governments & businesses; joint ventures with other houses of worship/ministries; organizational development; productivity & process improvement; strategic planning; visioning; valuation, & more!

    conflict resolution; program design & compliance; team building; diversity; safety in your house of worship; recruiting, keeping, & dismissing staff; mentoring vs coaching; performance & appraisal; legal compliance, & more!

    congregation identity; community engagement; service & meeting neighbor’s needs; environmental planning; communication; investment; social media & digital engagement; ethics; messaging; peacemaking; diplomacy; program planning, & more!

    family; your personal wellness; leisure & entertainment; politics & world events; spirituality; faith development; self-discipline enhancement, & more!

    Sdeveloping a special ministry such as for the artist, immigrants, LGTBQIA+, senior citizens, health, & more!

    stress management; burn-out avoidance; communication & presentation skill development; delegation disciplines; goal setting; leadership assessment; life planning & personal growth; impactful meeting planning & facilitation; productivity & balance; time management; retirement & succession planning; stress management; women in ministry; minorities in ministry, special populations in ministry, & more!

    new & emerging technologies in worship settings, computer & web security; internet & electronic communications/commerce; online meeting platforms; tech design & development; & more!

An Investment in You

Group members are expected to invest themselves in the group for a period of one year. As each member comes to rely on the other, attendance is mandatory. Clergy Transformational Leadership Groups are led by a paid facilitator and engage professional speakers to develop skills and meet the stated group needs. A yearly subscription is charged, payable in a lump sum or monthly (for an additional 6% fee). THE PARSONAGE PROJECT is committed to equitable access and grants are available for those who demonstrate their value to the group and are unable to make the full financial investment.

Interested? Contact us and we’ll schedule you for a free upcoming speaker session. We cannot wait to meet you and welcome you to your new peer group!

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