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What You Can Do

There are a variety of ways you can make a difference in the lives of clergy through relief, training, and direct ministry support. Here are some brief descriptions of donation methods that support THE PARSONAGE PROJECT and have advantages for you as a financial supporter.

Make a Donation


Give of Your Time

We all know it takes a village and are so glad that you are part of ours. If you are interested in sharing your skills with THE PARSONAGE PROJECT, please let us know.

  • Share your expertise and work with us to develop an educational course.

  • Help us network, fundraise, and write grants.

  • Become a prayer or positive reflection partner for our success.

  • Use your leadership skills to spread the word using social media or in-person presentations.

  • Help us respond to crisis events through a ministry of presence to other clergy who are caring for their communities.


Your time contributes to the betterment of this work and benefits clergy across the country.

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