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What We Do

Our Mission and Vision

THE PARSONAGE PROJECT's MISSION: Provide radical rest, resilience, and recovery to struggling clergy and other ministers so that they can continue to be transformative community leaders who feed the hungry, house the homeless, and serve the most vulnerable members of our communities.


THE PARSONAGE PROJECT's VISION: Support resilient and equipped clergy who have the spiritual and emotional capacity and resiliency to strengthen and rebuild the failing social safety net.

Our Projects

THE PARSONAGE PROJECT supports members of the clergy so they build personal and professional resilience. We engage in public ministries to help the clergy and others meet the immediate needs of the people they serve. We use media and film to spotlight the problems our religious leaders face throughout their careers, often dedicating their entire life work to the marginalized in pursuit of justice or relief of suffering.


Unfortunately, with the shifts in public funding, and the increase in suffering due to a variety of circumstances from political vitriol to climate change, our clergy are burning out.

So here's what THE PARSONAGE PROJECT is doing about it.

Academic Library

Find a collection of high-quality resources created by clergy for clergy.

Rock Balancing

When the people's need is urgent and you don't have the time or capacity to develop the ministry to serve them, THE PARSONAGE PROJECT can help.

Tropical Beach

Building open and hospitable sanctuaries that are safe and resillient.

Natural Minerals

THE PARSONAGE PROJECT is working with its partners and friends to develop resources for clergy to build personal and professional resilience, protect their communities, and engage in community diplomacy and care.

Caravan Trip

Exhausted? Dissatisfied in ministry? Overwhelmed? Finding it hard to get motivated? Welcome to burnout. It may be time for a sabbatical.

Growing Plants

Are you a high-performing clergy or ministry leader? A peer-to-peer leadership development group may be right for you.

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