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Natural Minerals

Movements of Hospitality

The act of hospitality is ancient, one that crosses religious traditions, cultures, and politics. Learn to identify the steps and how to utilize them to make your campus more welcoming to everyone, friend and stranger alike.  


Welcoming the Stranger as Friend

Three thoughtful steps published by the Church Health Reader to help welcome strangers as friends.

Concerned about safety? Download the Power of Hello Guide for Houses of Worship.


Do Not Spit: Holy Spaces

Rev. G. Scott Morris, founder of Church Health in Tennessee, writes on sacred spaces, and what makes them holy.


Making Room Study Guide

Dr. Christine D. Pohl lived a lifetime dedicated to Christian Hospitality from a historical and theological perspective. Her study guide for her book "Making Room" walks your congregation through a thoughtful journey that renews and gives new life to sacred spaces.

THE PARSONAGE PROJECT is making every effort to include resources that accommodate every and all faiths. The resources we have readily available are Christian-based, marked with +. Resources from other faith traditions are very welcome to be submitted for consideration, CONTACT US.

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