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Building Sanctuary

Creating Houses of Worship spaces that are open and hospitable while being safe and resilient.

Welcoming the stranger is an ancient practice that crosses religious traditions. Even the ancients recognized that welcoming others, as necessary for survival, brought tremendous risk to their door. CISA recognizes the importance of welcome for Houses of Worship. They've created a powerful tool - simply saying, "hello" - to help protect your sanctuaries and be welcoming to others.


Maintaining spaces open to all for worship that are both hospitable and safe is today's biggest challenge. Provided by the DOJ and CISA, these six steps provide your faith community with resources to begin a conversation about building sanctuary.

For more information, visit Hospitality & Place.


Our friends at DHS, DOJ, and more created a national House of Worship security assessment team to help faith communities evaluate their preparedness and security for their campuses. Grants are available. CONTACT US to request more information or to request an assessment. 


House of Worship preparedness not only brings your faith community a sense of security and peace, but it also eases your mind as a faith leader. The cost is usually cost prohibitive for a smaller congregation. Knowing there are grants available to help make that happen is a relief to many. CONTACT US to learn more.

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