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A Parsonage Project Feature Film

Woman of color and Combat Medic Naya Shakur rides her motorcycle to a dying militia town in Michigan called Fire Lake, for an act of love and honor. She’s delivering her dead lover Ibrahim Mohammad’s Medal of Honor to his Muslim father.


Naya meets the town’s patriarch, Victor, whose cool charm and falsely chivalrous act of defending her from his racist gang puts her on notice to be cautious. Naya is tortured by her reoccurring PTSD nightmare of Ibrahim saving wounded soldiers during a brutal Afghani firefight. Again and again, she relives him selflessly throwing his body on top of hers to save her life. When she wakes, she calms her trauma with her usual remedy, a bottle of whiskey.


With the help of Tina, a reluctant young Russian immigrant who works at the town cafe, Naya finds out that Mr. Mohammed’s house burned down and he mysteriously disappeared, setting her on the path to solving the mystery.

FIRE LAKE - A Parsonage Project Feature Film
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